$GNUS the days of dirt cheap GNUS shares are almost history folks. Read CEO's letter to shareholders twice it lays it all out there for you. finance.yahoo.com/news/geni... We all know kids of all ages LOVE cartoons and original/new (to them) content, it doesn't have to be brand new, just new to them. That said who hasn't watched their favorite cartoons 10 x each when they were a kid? Remember, Andy told us all GNUS would be profitable by Jan. 2021. You can bank on a blowout Q4 ER that will exceed all expectations because we have plenty of international revenue from content contracts with foreign companies, advertising revenue, toy & product revenue and US-based content provider revenue. With a CEO this good, GNUS longs are about to take a long rocket ride to the Moon. My three American Dream Early Retirement Researched Stock Picks are: GNUS ($12 PT in 12-16 months easy), NBRV $12/share PT in 2021 and MDXG $18/share PT not long after re-listing on NASDAQ.
@Zaneyone then explain why theres only 6k comments on the app and most are from gnus stockholders? Why is the content old with heathcliff episodes and the littles? Ask a 12 year old if theyve ever heard of this or rainbow rangers and theyll say no...rainbow rangers is on nick jr at 3 am. what kids are up watching at that time?
@Tait341 Basic cartoon fact that's universally known: ALL CARTOONS ARE EVERGREEN! Every new generation watches them as brand new for the first time and often watches each episode for 5-10 x each. There's a MASSIVE WORLDWIDE DEMAND FOR GREAT CARTOON CONTENT!