Yes, $NBRV's hospital Sales Specialists were all locked out of hospitals for 8 months earlier this year due to the CV Epidemic & Lockdown. Ted knew this could happen again during winter cold & flu season, so we switched to a team of experienced Community-Based Sales Specialists that began selling XENLETA & SIVEXTRO in Sept. 2020. Thus, we are good to go for excellent Q4 sales results and terrific 2021 sales results thereafter. And, FYI XENLETA sales will be GLOBAL! Block and ignore all the paid SS trolls and fake bulls talking doom and gloom ASAP and enjoy life again. If NBRV wasn't 110% legit why would we have so many major institutional investors and 4-5 star MFs invested. Yes, we will get a NASDAQ extension for six months on that minimum price rule. Yes, there is a global antibiotic resistance plague that's far worse than CV (3 vaccines already approved) and we have the solution! Invest in NBRV with confidence!
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