$NBRV Latest DD update from 777Grandmaster on NBRV for any real investors that would appreciate a 10-15 x gainer... reddit.com/r/NBRV/comments/... Zacks the #1 performing biotech Analyst firm over the last five years per Fidelity Investments upgraded NBRV to a BUY! zacks.com/stock/research/NB... More Analyst upgrades to follow soon. Zacks says buy the dips in NBRV... zacks.com/stock/news/176141... We've passed depression stage just reached the point of maximum financial opportunity, hope is next (see attached chart). With a boatload of major catalysts coming ashore in 2021, >$60M in cash on hand, and $250M incoming, today we are at an ideal entry point. Great Q2 results are just around the corner 8/5-6/2021.