$NBRV Here come the evil SS, paid stock bashers & fake bulls with their negative BS all over again. ROTFLOL! It's too late baby it's too late. NBRV is going for a run! reddit.com/r/NBRV/comments/... NBRV's Taiwan drug approval (done), Hong Kong drug approval (imminent), large MM$ Xenleta initial inventory orders are just an email away now, NBRV just expanded it's sales force to cover the entire USA, we already CRUSHED Q3 REV & EPS EXPECTATIONS, and Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals already has a large experienced Rx drug sales force in place serving 8,000 Doctors and 3,000 hospitals in China (China is next for NDA filing, then approval of Xenleta!). It turns out the CV Pandemic & Lockdowns were a blessing in disguise for NBRV investors because NBRV made progress behind the scenes and now we have major catalysts all stacked up like a living room full of dominoes. Ahh. It's a beautiful thing when you've researched, planned, and forecasted and your plan just falls into place.