$CLOV this is why we are bullish- technicals alone... we have a HUGE volume base at 8-10 area we broke through the LAST large volume base at 10 we broke throught the 50 day, 100 day, 200 day movign average the RSI is not oversold (last 2 times we were here..RSI hit oversold) options side: the gamma is fucking heaven here as an options trader...we have more gamma than GME before its monster pop the gamma is at 10, 12, 15 at 10$ = 10% outstanding buy by dealers 12 = 33% outstanding buy by dealers at 16$= 50% buy by dealers at 16%, based on the math..the number of shares needed to bring it that price + options gamma + short covering..about 2 x the FUCKING FLOAT HAS TO BE BOUGHT