$SPY I don't like what I see happening in the NASDAQ last couple days. Looking to be bottoming out. I might have to adjust my bearish bets a little. I'm definitely not as bearish as I was 30% ago. Looks like all the bad news has been digested by Mr. Market. I could be wrong but I don't like what I see. Maybe riots(Stimulus is meant to stop just that) or some crazier news might keep this market dropping, but I'm thinking we could be very close to hitting bottom here on the NASDAQ anyway. I also don't like the VIX dropping today, the good news we are still above $70. If the VIX drops below $60 I'm definitely closing the bear shop for the season and standing aside to see what's the next move. I might be very early on this assumption but only time will tell. $AAPL $MSFT $FB $NFLX
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