$AAPL No stock is safe. If you are holding $MSFT or $AMZN Or $AMD your position is not safe and does not reflect reality.
$SPY How much longer can Powell keep this joke on me type of market going. Bears have been signaling for six months now that the fed pumping trillions in the market while keeping the rate at zero is unsustainable, yet every time the criminal (Powell) gives one of his totally false testimonies to congress or the senate he says the same thing over and over again. He says: The feds will keep easing for as long as it takes. What he means to say he will keep easing till the dollar crashes and the U.S. debt is so unsustainable it causes hyperinflation. This guy should be investigated and I mean this. He is inflating your 401k with fake money with a bubble that must and will pop. Every penny you got saved in that 401k or stocks you are holding will be evaporated sooner rather than later. Powell in my opinion could be a sleeper cell enemy of the state. How else can he keep doing what he is doing? Putting in jeopardy people retirements and hope for a secure future. Contact your representative.
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