$TLT I’m getting back in the mindset that available Cash on the sidelines should be held in the Bonds for now. This is provided that recent support lows at $141.35 holds on a Daily closing basis
@ZenTrends copy, I just tend to get confused. Seems TLT goes up it’s bad for equities bc flight to safety, but when TNX goes up it’s bad for growth and equities also. At least that’s the narrative. Seems like doesn’t quite add up to me. Maybe you can help me understand better?
@ljganz correlations come and go. Nothing remains 100% consistent in the market all the time. Generally Bonds are risk-off investments. I think in this case with Growth being “attached” to Yields is a symptom of high valuations and record low rates. If rates start to rise investors risk:reward ratio for holding very expensive, speculative assets diminishes as they can theoretically get a better return on risk-free investments (assuming Treasury Bonds are risk-free, which I don’t think that’s true but it has been the case so far in American history)