$SNDL This is reply to a Bear that said don’t buy it now, buy after the R/S. “I do not understand your rationale. You are saying don’t touch the stock now, but buy after the reverse split. If the stock is no good now what makes you think that will be good after the split? It’s like saying Johnny is an evil sob, but when he dies, he’ll become an angel. Let’s examine together your thinking. You have $5k dollars. You invested all on sndl. 5000:0.27= 18518 shares. When the split comes, they wanna do it as close as possible to $1. But let’s assume the worst case scenario at $0.75 and do a r/s 10/1. Now you owned 1851 at $7.50 How many shares can you buy with your $5k? 666. That’s your best shot bc low float stock with lots of incoming catalysts when starts trading it moves quickl. You probably will pay $8, $8.50 for a share. I hope I shed some light on your thinking because I know that you are trying to help others, but your rationale is flawed.”
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