$QLGN I didn't mean to sell a few shares today but I got margin called. Right out of the blue for no reason I can see... This is the ONLY stock I own that is marginable and the price has not dropped enough to warrant it. Certainly not enough for a 10.5k margin call. Now Im clean - 100% my own $. Other than I was up $430k in one day on AMC yesterday, which cannot be traded on margin. Seems fishy to me - like they wanted me to sell my AMC. No way in HELL. I knew as soon as I sold 11k shares Quigley would move. Still holding 29k shares. Ill triple my position here as soon as AMC explodes. Hold my beer, Ill be right back.
@mixen1990 AMC has removed the pressure I felt here for so long. I'm a different person. I sat on the edge of my seat from August until they pulled the EUA expecting a gain literally any minute. Now I just don't care. I was never planning on making the kind of scratch I have made with AMC here. Now its just gravy. Ill triple down to get my average dirt-low so when this finally gets some traction Ill be so vindicated. AMC is paying for my house and pay for my son's college. Q will put something shiny in the driveway and buy my wife some new tits.