@_Diamond_Hands_ I’m not sure which broker you are using but some of those diagrams are a little confusing. Just remember when you are selling cc you are selling a position opposite of the shares you hold. They’re are several strategies you can use but it all depends on what your goals are for your core position. For example, I shared my goals with you so Im using cc as part of my strategy to increase my share count until I reach 10,000 shares and reimburse me of any capital I invest out of pocket. Since I’m planning on a 3-5 year hold with a target date of 1/1/2025, time is on my side and I don’t need to be overly aggressive at the moment. So the goal for me is to sell cc OTM when the premium is high and buy them back when it is low. This will create small but consistent profits and again time is on my side.