$CCIV PIF needs this to be successful as they transition from a reliance on petroleum to sustainable energy. Remember Lucid is a Tech & Battery company just as much as they are an EV company.
The automobile business is an extremely costly and very difficult to even trying survive. We have seen it with $TSLA and $NIO. Both were on the verge of going bankruptcy. Do CCIV clowns think that lucid is omnipotent? They smokin They must have missed out on many Spac plays. They don't know the reality of running a automobile business. lucid will too run into scaling and manufacturing problem and capital deficiency. They will need to continue diluting shareholder's equity the same like Tesla, NIO, Xpeng, LI had done. $100 stock price would make its market cap like $180-200 Billion post merger on an initial $15 Billion valuation if I'm correct all while not having a single car on the road. Market cap of $CCIV is not the same with a post merger. And even after a merger, they no different than Fisker, cars won't just magically appear on the road. $XPEV already has cars in Europe. What doesn't lucid have? What a bunch of noob traders, right? Reality going to set in. @diagio $SPY
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