$CCNC adding dips, we head up with $BTC.X imo, read their whitepaper here codechain.io/CodeChain_whit... CCNC provides real world asset tokenization in the Blockchain, meaning you can tokenize real assets such as fine art or real estate with higher security protocol & increased liquidity. They are also engaged in mining Bitcoin currently. In October they are expected to recieve 2,000 Antminer S19j mining machines (90 TH/s) and are already mining with 10,000 Innosilicon T2T Bitcoin miners. In April they announced an LOI to acquire Doo Limited, a mining service provider. Doo engages in the FIL mining business. With all this said.. IMO, CodeChain is very well positioned at this point to start to really see the fruits and increased revenues of their Bitcoin mining ventures. @everyone This is a long hold for me, dips sub 1.50 are ideal. The Director of the company Xu Wei owns 3.9M shares of CCNC at a PPS of $1.50, thus matching his average may prove to be profitable in the intermediate/long term.
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