@___dog___ @connorsdad1998 @H007 @SouthernHeavens this bullshit again. You have every right to not get vaccinated, as I’ve said REPEATEDLY. You don’t have e the right to spread lies. Any deaths linked with the vaccine have been extremely rare and reported in the news worldwide. Odds of dying from covid are less than 1 in 1,000, but the odds of dying from a covid vaccine are less than 1 in 100,000, pretty much ZERO. If there was an epidemic of people dying from the vaccines, alt media would be all over it, would be impossible to censor. I’ve asked for evidence multiple times about your friend who’s 16 year old kid supposedly died after vaccination. You still haven’t provided anything, you just keep dodging. At this point I’m pretty confident you’re completely full of shit. So prove it, or you can fuck right off yourself, you fucking liar.
@BurningKarma @___dog___ tell that to my friend who lost her 16 year old son 2 days after getting vaccinated. I had one vaccinated uncle die in GA and another unvaccinated uncle in Malibu, CA who smokes live. You tell me what's what here prick. You don't know shtttt