$BBIG Relax people. SP MUST trend up from this level. It's no longer even a matter of when. When is now (after the Algos knock a few cents off due to my post. It's only temporary and paper hands should be gone and set for the FOMO chase) $3 calls printed last Friday. Gotta clear. Only 2 trading days left in the FREE TYDE with each 10 share of BBIG purchased giveaway and Q1 Q-10 filing which should show record breaking revenue. Lisa's ZASH team will be forced to start booking some of that $7 - $10 Billion LomoRizer value that they have kept from current VinVen shareholders thus far or.... Look like the absolute dumbest management in the history of publicly traded companies....EVER when a $400 Million cap spins of $300 Million of it's fake ass cap value. In all honesty, there's nothing Lisa can do about the spinoff as it was already set in stone when ZASH took over but it still makes her look incompetent right before the proxy vote begging for more dilution.