$ONCY Disappointed in the last 2 days of trading but overall another solid week for $ONCY. I shared this information last week. I think its pretty relevant to the direction of where we're heading. Check out what has happened over the last 5 weeks in terms of how the share price as steadily increased at the end of each week: 04/24/2020 - $1.34 05/01/2020 - $1.52 05/08/2020 - $1.71 05/15/2020 - $2.05 05/22/2020 - $2.57 To me...it's an obvious upward trend. We've had no data release as of this moment. Looking forward...we have 2 major conferences coming up...one this weekend at ESMO (AWARE-1 interim data) and one next weekend at ASCO (MM and pancreatic cancer interim data). We'll be starting the BRACELET-1 trial sometime in June. Things are looking up for $ONCY. I still believe we will get a PR on Tuesday in regards to the interim results of the AWARE-1 trial. If everything is good in terms of data...we could be approaching $6/share by next week.
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