$FMCI The bear thesis always boils down to "it's just frozen food" and when you throw out actual data, they never have a valid counter argument. Ultimately, fundamentals do matter.
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@aaronkellysbones I think the argument is more about valuation when the product is discussed. I’ve seen plenty of Bulls saying that our PT is $150 bc BYND is there. But they’ve created a brand new food segment and so TTC is really just “frozen food”. Doesn’t mean it’s not great and profitable and growing, just that it’s not revolutionary technology that’s changing a sector. As such my PT is still $35.
@AtticusThackery we'll see about $150 for 2022, honestly most people who are pumped about that don't understand valuation and will likely sell before the end of the year. My price target is $43 on first earnings report.
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