$TTCF Good evening fellow shareholders. We are all expecting Q4 earnings to be astronomical with the launch of online ordering imminent. I took a look at the numbers here and did some analysis. I've used numbers from the investor presentation and reverse calculated 2019 numbers, based on the 2020 numbers released in PR's so far. I believe the guidance for 2021 will ultimately be raised, based on these numbers. The real wild card here is what online ordering will do for sales. Will online ordering be extended to Canada? Will Target expand beyond the two SKU's currently being carried in select stores? I'm left with many specific questions about future expansion, but one thing's for sure: the Tattooed Chef Inc. continues its parabolic growth as a publicly traded company with a clear vision and plenty of resources to execute. They are not just frozen food, they're catering to the plant-based movement with fresh takes on classic comfort foods.
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