$WISH Revenue Revenue Revenue. All Revenue per quarter, I understand NOT all companies are the same, but this shows how detached WISH is from its fair Market cap. Mrkt caps 👉FTCH 18 Billion on 485 Million Revenue. e-com They shorted this from IPO price of $28 to $5.50, go check the price now. 👉PINS 485 million revenue and market cap 50 Billion. Social com They shorted it from IPO $ 23 to $10, check price now. 👉SHOP183 Billion on 988 Million Rev. e-Com ( Anomaly ) 👉ETSY 23 Billion on 550 Million Rev. e-commerce shorted it from $16 to $5 Now at around $200 👉SNAP 102 Billion on 769 Million Rev. Photo sharing They shorted SNAP from $20 to $5.50 👉ROKU 57 Billion on 574 Million Rev. Streaming Bears said it was garbage 👉MELI 77 Billion on 1.37 Billion revenue (net). e-commerce. AMC (For some reason they think this will go to 100k) $WISH 💲5.74 billion market cap on 772 Million Rev. e-commerce These Market caps were taken couple of weeks ago except WISH.