$GENI This -32% drop is savage and insane! Cathie Wood loaded the boat w $GENI shares again today - 1.529M shares in two days. Yay for her if/when they get acquired. Who will have the last laugh then?!
@abubnic You're a big Cathy fan Abubnic, I'm curious why? ARKK is a heavy roll the dice type fund/ETF. It means sometimes big gains and sometimes big losses. 2021 has been a pretty big L for ARKK/Cathy considering SPY is notably over 20%.
@OUGrift Yeah, Tim .... like it isn't obvious that she was targeted! There are those who are out to destroy her. And to me, they have earned no bragging rights. I find the whole thing disgusting. I am not in ARKK but I do own positions that overlap her funds.