$TLRA For those of you who have taken this plunge to average down, I applaud you. For those of you still on the sidelines, I believe we will continue to bounce in this range for the next week or two. However, I am certain that the stock price of TLRA/RUBI will be higher... 3 months from now, 6 months from now, and 12 months from now. Not only am I am strong believer in this stock & the merged company long-term, I have put money behind it. As I have continued to average down, I have now accumulated 10,000 shares and have lowered my cost average to $7.49. For those of you who are mathematically challenged, that is $75k or 5% of my overall portfolio. At this time, I have stopped buying as I want to see what happens next. If we crash and go below 5, then I'll increase my position to 15k shares. Otherwise, I'm looking forward to a $50k profit sometime this summer when RUBI reaches $11.57 (which it will). Good luck everyone.
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