@Milofoxy Of course! Here is my starter kit I recommend to everyone starting out: -Technical analysis for Dummies. Super basic general overview. Easy to read, skim the surface -"Chart patterns" - Bloomberg market essentials by Bruce M. Kamich Descriptions of the psychology governing chart patterns, how to trade them, and the technical attributes that define them "Technical Analysis Explained fifth edition by Martin Pring Regarded a market guide and timeless classic Pring gives skills to navigate one thing: human behaviour.
@Bjorgum @Milofoxy Very interesting Bjorgum. Thanks for weighing in and the explanation. A question if I may, and I'm being serious. Can you explain what HungryEarner is trying to say with his parallel/analogous themed posts where he's commenting on shared patterns between SEEL and other equities? I can't follow his explanations, but figure there may be genuine technical principles in play, so just curious.