$BABA and something that people aren't picking up is that this is only the HK market pouring into it... Stock Connect will be open for mainland investors ~June 2020 (7 months post-IPO in HK), which will open the floodgates for retail capital to pour in. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-11-26/mainland-investors-can-t-wait-to-finally-own-alibaba-shares -it'll be added to the Hang Seng indexes by 9 December scmp.com/business/companies... -potential trade war resolutions will result in higher capital inflows on the NASDAQ listing, not to mention side benefits like appreciated CNY improving financials and growing middle class consumption in China next couple months will be interesting, especially on how they're going to deploy their war reserves, but it's looking very favorable from a year ago
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