$VHC The shorts are up to their old tricks again. I love that they are paying a fortune to short VHC to no avail. The borrower rate is extremely high (185%) and they're all going to have to pay a dollar by the 26th. Believe me I do not feel sorry for these people. I just look forward to a huge short squeeze, they deserve it. This Putzer guy says he sold, but I'm sure he's one of the shorts or bashers like IPcurious. That guy is been posting for 10 years under several different aliases on all the boards. I can't figure out why anybody would waste their time unless they are either short or being paid by someone like Apple to bash VHC? I have VHC in three different accounts and I've asked each one to not allow lending my stock. Even though I have margin in my Ameriprise account, they are not lending out any of my stock. Fidelity isn't to my knowledge, but I know they make a lot of money paid by the shorts for a lending rate. I'm sure it is tempting for Fidelity to lend out VHC.
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