$HCMC Although May 3rd “Failed” (Many of us already knew an artificial pump is never good). On the other hand we did manage to end up trending on several brokers and social media’s which got us some more investors and traction. I know we don’t like this Reddit, WSB, GME & AMC Bs here but when comparing the charts, when those memestonks started being squeezed again, that “pump” lasted between 12 - 18 days. And the ride was comparably Rocky. So what I’m basically trying to say is that even though we basically finished where we started, that new mini publicity isn’t exactly a bad thing considering that we do have earnings on the 5th and the judge should be responding to PMs motion to dismiss anytime this week. This can still be pushed, pumped, squeezed, whatever you wanna call it. Tomorrow will tell us what direction we’re heading. Hopefully it’s steady upwards until we get some GENUINE catalysts.