$GME bloomberg.com/news/articles... This article on retail FOMO/MOMO may explain what many of us already suspected. FOMO/MOMO drove the post-MSFT deal run from $12 to $15 (many posters on WSB said they bought at $14 or higher). Then, HFs shorted to catch the post-herding dip, FOMO/MOMO had weak hands and stop losses which allowed it to drop under $11. With all the sellers gone and HFs covering their short-term shorts, it's increasing again. When we get more good news, FOMO/MOMO will jump in again. It's possible that if we break a certain threshold (e.g., @Uberkikz11 mentioned that Melvin may get out at $18), the large shorts may finally decide to start covering. Whether that's Q4 earnings, a vote, or something else remains to be seen
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