$ISWH 1 mining pod = 300 miners. They have 3 pods currently online (900 miners) and 12 more minimum planned this year. They will be setting these pods up in different cities across the USA by getting approval from those local governments to tap into the electric grid. Iswh is looking to use renewable energy so that not only will they power the pods for free but create extra power that they can then sell back to the surrounding area. $BTC.X hit $60k overnight. Iswh has one of or the lowest or potentially free cost to run a pod which has been the hardest obstacle to overcome when mining. A lot of miners spend the majority of their money to get enough electric to run the miners. Bit5ive pods in my opinion cannot be beat in mining capabilities. ISWH is currently on pink sheets but going to OTCQB in 2-3 weeks give or take depending on how long the people that run the otc want to take to do it.