$SWIR The market is totally ignoring the potential in industrial IoT with Octave simplification and recurring revenue growth. Only focusing on slowing hardware sales. And even those are not doomed, it's just a cyclical business. I have hoped they would give a bit stronger guidance for the hardware sales. Obviously they are expecting HW upgrade cycle to be weaker. Operators are delaying 2G/3G sunset, or maybe their guidance is even more cautious because of the coronavirus. Cancelation of MWC means something, for example. I'm pleased with the recurring revenue and their transformation. Similarly the market was ignoring the potential of Nvidia's GPU for data centers, focusing only on their slowing integrated chipset business . GPU for data centers was near zero revenue at that time (until 2015 or so), today it is 2 billions quarterly. I guess it's just that some things are much easier to understand, e.g battery EVs. Everybody can understand that. But what the heck is Octave? GLTA
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