$BLRX how many bag holders out here that have lost 70-80% of their investment dollars are going to dump this in December if a real positive report does not significantly boost the share price? My prediction, and what do I know, is we will be lucky, even on very promising results, to see $5.00 p/s. That will help ease some of the pain but for how long? And-if the stock follows its usual pattern, BLRX will drop even lower on any news that is perceived as mediocre which again always seems to be the pattern here. Currently, the share price is not demonstrating typical patterns that would indicate GREAT news is on the horizon so unfortunately, I am expecting the worse-but that is me and you may have a different outlook. I hope I am wrong. I have been crushed by management's poor decision making and zero investor support. Either way, this is it for me-I have seen enough.
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