$CWGYF "THE TURBINE THAT CAN REVOLUTIONIZE TIDAL ENERGY" "A fantastic European project: during its first year of testing, the SR2000 tidal turbine generated 3 GWh of renewable energy without a hitch in the most extreme conditions." "It has weathered Scotland’s worst storms in recent years while efficiently and continuously producing clean energy. We are talking about the SR2000, the most powerful floating tidal turbine ever built in the world." "The European project Flotec (Floating Tidal Energy Commercialization) has been testing it since summer 2017 at the European Marine Energy Center (EMEC) in the Orkney Islands of Scotland. And the first results hit the mark: in 12 months of testing, this 2 MW unit was able to produce 3 GWh of electricity from tidal energy." "Twelve months of continuous and constant operation, covering the equivalent of the annual electricity demand of some 830 UK households and, over several days, more than 25% of the Orkney Islands electricity demand."