$GDXJ Top GDX/GDXJ holding AG just had an amazing quarter. Keep in mind analyst estimates went from +2 to +5 cents over PAST 30 DAYS (still beat at +6 cents, source yahoo). AISC is biggest surprise - AG ALWAYS has received a bad rap because of their high AISC. Not anymore. $10.76/oz AISC is much lower than their 2019 guidance of $13.00-13.94. How does AISC look vs 1 year ago? Its $10.76/oz now compared to $15.12 per ounce in Q3 2018. Remember, these results are with silver sucking wind as the worst performing metal of 2019. AG is now positioned as a free cash flow machine...and it won't be long before fund managers notice the great quarters at CDE, GOLD, NEM, PAAS, AG, etc.
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