$NAK Think of the nonsense this company has had to deal with 1. Fraudulent BBWA 2. Veto 3. court case against Obama epa 4. Settled out of court 5. Kerrisdale 6. Pruitt suppose to lift veto and screws the company for no reason other than the fraudulent BBWA 7. A year more nonsense to lift veto 8. NRDC constant bs 9. CNN and the rest of the fake news 10. Constant attacks to their share price 11. FQM wusses out 12. No partner though nepa - had to dilute at low levels 13. USACE mitigation letter confuses govt officials and market 14. Ayers and Junior 15. Tucker 16. The tapes (self inflicted stupidity) 17. Mitigation changes 18. Endless delays and extensions for nonsense / obstruction 19. Sullivan and Murkowski adding drama (Con’t)
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