probably just a coincidence the $ES_F reversed exactly at the VWAP from the May 14 low in the overnight session
exactly I don’t deny you help people but I only want a good trader as a good coach, not a failed one who decided to scrounge a living teaching the methods that failed for them. people can’t post fake broker statements That’s illegal, and that’s a weak excuses to prevent you from posting yours. I am deciding for myself. You are not profitable until you prove you do why would anyone want to learn basic stuff from a failed trader to guide you to failure? there are ppl who post here every day like five and six figure wins they seem to have a system and aren’t afraid to show evidence of years of them trading with it is all I’m sayin
@OldTurkEgg I have not tried to convince you to buy anything from me, nor will I. I expect you are an adult who can make an informed decision as whether my work provides value to you. Good luck