$EDSA only 0.82% of shares are profited right now.... ouch... this has been a tough hold for many people. I know there has been some selling and buying back, so that number isn’t completely accurate, but that’s really low... and I own 2,400+ profited shares. I know some other longs on this board do too, but that’s painful for almost anybody else.... the fact this stock went down after receiving 20% of their market cap in a grant from the government is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen in trading. Hold strong friends 🤝
@mammon123 @AllPenniesNoDividends Manipulators know that most retailers have zero patience. That's why they are keeping the price as lower as possible. IMO, price action might be different with interim results PR, if compare with prior spikes. It could be similar action like $APVO . Price gap up in four days up to $60 from $6 then consolidation between $35 -$45