$GME A lot of shorting, basically everything they can muster to reject any buying trends. They're using when market turns red a bit to their advantage but still doesn't change shit. When big buyers buy in and see that short interest, it won't help them unless they're going to make some sense.
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@amarbar @MileHighStockGuy I wasn't comparing it to other stocks. We had something like 6.5M volume premarket and only 3M since then...just making an observation. We had 70M vol days during the msft announcement. Expecting a surge tomorrow, possibly this afternoon. Loaded up some Feb 22c to swing.
@finally_civil @MileHighStockGuy Hmmmm, I'm unsure why that is the case. It didn't seem like we had that much volume pre-market? Looking at the pre-market and market hours volume profile seems to say there wasn't as much volume. The height of the blue lines correlate with each other.
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