$NAKD $ZOM $AKBA $GME $AMC reddit.com/r/NAKDstock/comm... This is huge , everyone is buying at 10 AM for a squeeze of 4.9 million shorts trapped . "The squeeze is on and the word is spreading like wild fire. Get ready for the biggest short squeeze ever. Monday morning everyone is buying at 10am. Right now NAKD is one of the most shorted stocks on the Nasdaq and with the amount of buying that is gonna come in will catapult this stock $5, $10, $50 to the moon. This is reality but everyone has to do their part. Monday at 10am BUY AND HOLD! Together we beat these shorts and take back what they stole from us. Together, united! NAKD TO THE MOON" This price is amazing support held Thursday at 0.71 , it is a perfect entry, get in before $1.00, trust me two pieces of news in last week : 1. Kosan news on Friday for acquisition 2. News on Monday Zero Debt and 270 Million - and intent to make NAKD into leading e-Commerce Platform