$UGAZ $DGAZ NG weekly closed right at the upper resistance line and the contract rollover will push it above it on Sunday. NG can continue its uptrend. It can test the first support (1.67-1.72 UGAZ $11.xx) on the downside. Break below first support means 1.45-1.50 (UGAZ $7.xx) will most likely happen to close the gap. my execution game plan: We are in Scenario B as previously laid out which means NG goes to 2.10-2.15 first (UGAZ would be around 21-22) . From that point NG can try to test one or both the supports on the downside. SO... IF (NG hits 2.10-2.22 first ) THEN DO { Sell half UGAZ at 21-22 get into DGAZ with 70-30 ratio of UGAZ-DGAZ. Sell DGAZ as soon as NG is near the first support (1.67-1.72) and book profit. Buy more UGAZ at 1.45-1.50 range. } ELSE IF (NG keeps going down from next week) THEN { Buy more UGAZ at the first support (1.67-1.72) and then more UGAZ at the final support at 1.45 NG } DONE Good luck and Happy Memorial Day weekend!
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