$FLDM I realized, during my search for "diversification", that FLDM is itself the poster child for diversification. I hadn't really thought about it that way before. Diversified across product lines, Covid-non Covid, US and international. And everything within their portfolio is exceptional. I'd say, post-Covid, the microfluidics line (Biomarks, etc.) will be stable and consumables will rise with total placements constantly growing. Mass cytometry. Through the roof potential growth. They OWN that essential cancer, immunology, even Covid, etc. research tool. Even Stanford administers its cyTOF Forum (cytoforum) which is an information resource for the world's researchers. You always evaluate any business in terms of "barriers to entry". The barrier to entry for anyone wanting to enter the mass cytometry market (and even setting aside the matter of patents) is SKY HIGH. And, as long as Covid lasts, this company will be a star.