$LSPD $LSPD.CA read what the fool said below. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it makes perfect sense. I’m going to click like. If you’re a new investor et $19-$20 drops worry you just stay away in the short term as this is still recovering from the short report, supply chain issues et proving to analysts that they’re the real deal. We could drop more the next 2 quarters. They also need to regain that $100 usd range et not drop below before it has a chance to get to $1k. However, if you’re long et have the powder to buy dips if this sinks a bit further now is the time to start a position b/c when we reverse the downtrend you might kick yourself for not buying in the oversold range. Look at future expansion, increase subscriptions, additional products…this is still a young company. There will be growing pains.