$AMZN Keep buying dont listen to anyone buy buy buy.....This stock didnt drop 60 bucks just a couple months ago.... this isnt a bubble gogogo mortgage your house... so what it dropped threee bucks today you got this dream ! me ill wait for 100....
@New2TheGame75 @ap222383 let me continue to spell this out for you. Prior to today, $IRBT 's valuation was under 1.4B, and despite Rooma's market domination and the valuable data that can be used to solve ML and signal processing problems in machine learning, big tech companies hadn't made an offer to buy them out. Today $AMZN made a $1.7B offer which is more than 20% premium of previous valuation. And that barely made a dent in AMZN stock price. If you're saying today's 1.24% drop signals anything in the context of 4.47% gain during the current week, you're an extremely short-sighted idiot