$FAMI GRANT OF EXTENSION VERY CERTAIN You want the proof, you get it! Okay guys here is full proof that I don´t lie to you (why should I by the way?) This is a screenshot of the recently updated outlook (dark theme) But the reply from David reassured my belief that FAMI will get with VERY HIGH POSSIBILITY the extension for another 180 days. But don´t expect the extension news BEFORE Nov 30th as this period has to expire before they can request the extension. The key takeaway of Davids (FAMI IR guy) reply concerning extension for the nasdaq listing: "NASDAQ has historically worked with the company so it can extend the cure period to address the share price. " You can share this important news without my permission whenever you want...This is appreciated as it really helps reduce uncertainty which is never good for the health of a stock as we know. Promise you want panic sell on Nov 30th? Deal? ;)