$ASXC Hey...did you read about their "trash" record sales last quarter? Just think how many more people the "trash" can burn and kill now!!! :)
$ASXC is the future just compare tecnology with the isrg trash this is what isrg is I have been reading about isrg. They robot killed people burn intestin so busher pay by the isrg they Gona regret for no to move his money in here just matter of time that davinci go to down checks this out
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@ara34 I know!!! I love buying trash companies like ISRG that make me tons of money while burning patients. There is no way I would buy stock in this company because their product is so superior nobody wants to buy it...plus, it does not burn patients because nobody is using it. Check this out, the prior CEO admitted the Senhance is a piece of sheet... medtechdive.com/news/transe...