$SRNE Thanks @mclain23 . I read the clinical trials post. It occurred to me that he's testing it on a healthy population? I think he may be looking at STI-2020 as a possible means of ERADICATING Covid-19. With a long duration of protection, high efficacy, low dose and and massive scalability, it could be done.
@nexus8 @Arghhhh @mclain23 didn't see you post a screenshot of your position yet. Just dancing around the issue. Also if its this particular post....well let's see, I auggest.one/ could sell calls.for.as/ much as shares cost a year ago? And one wouldhave rode this up to ten and back to $4. Lotta guys like let's say @wjgesq and @RDL_Trader say they don't want to sell for capital gains tax reason. So selling calls would be an excellent advice. One could also sell calls and buy puts if they're bearish. And, let's say great news hits, one could buy their calls back and roll them up and out.
@nexus8 @Arghhhh @RDL_Trader @mclain23 @wjgesq did you sell? are you out? That was a bold move? To me.the risk of being out is greater than the risk of being in so I will scalp it but not for any indefinite time. Also, note my call on opex. If you want to dig through my posts, I've also said doubtful this does anything before quarterly opex, that we would likely crater (@wjgesq and I had it put over this) and that tutes would load as they did last week AND! That borrow rate would start ticking up. .i held my shares because I believe what I posted to you. So it's clear where I stand and why I suggested you hold. It wasn't due to ignorance of the push pull. I'm going to predict EUA on Monday and if not this then next Monday. It'll be tied to ANP merger.