$SRNE I'm actually feeling more bullish about SRNE. I was thinking about it in the car. Here's why. -Price is approaching a point where it becomes a good value and risk vs reward. At a higher price w the same positive fundamentals, I'd probably feel the opposite. ‐I know for a fact securing patients during covid was a very big challenge. -I know the FDA has been stalling the testing approval process. All you have to do is look at what's logical....that it takes time to make sure a vaccine is safe, effective and won't cause harm. When it comes to testing, even poor quality is better than nothing and very beneficial to curbing spread. That's logical. What the FDA has done prioritizing vaccines and slow walking test approvals is not logical -Lastly, the South American approvals and the connections that SRNE are developing appear to demonstrate an aggressive action to position to capture valuable market share w reputable organizations that will reinforce SRNE.