$SRNE This will go back below $6.50, unless Henry has more pumps left, I think they are in over their heads with all these new COVIDxyz nonsense, they need to concentrate on a limited pipeline first, how are they managing 19 products? Burn rate is 56 million, Dilution machine.
@Thats_Whats @BigWeezy @TheAlbertWesker Not at all protective. I’m in long. Could care less who buys and sells. Other than the big boys, whom already are in this huge. Far more than other stocks. And today, when shorters brought it down to 9, for me to add more. That was awesome. Could care less on all the losers saying - Ji is a crook - stock is garbage - pump and dump Etc. And I just point out people that obviously have zero clue what they’re talking about. AKA You. (That’s What’s)