$SRNE This will go back below $6.50, unless Henry has more pumps left, I think they are in over their heads with all these new COVIDxyz nonsense, they need to concentrate on a limited pipeline first, how are they managing 19 products? Burn rate is 56 million, Dilution machine.
@BigWeezy @Thats_Whats @TheAlbertWesker Of course 100 is highly speculative. Even if i said 18. This is the stock market. Of course none of usknow. Following the big money, is almost always a guarantee to do well. For LONG term investing. Many are pointing at today. Asking why the drop? The entire market is on edge. This company has been and will continue to be shorted and manipulated. Dr Ji is Korean. I lived in Korea and been many times. Worked with many Koreans. Korean businessmen do not like to disappoint and fail. This is also speculation of course on MY part. Sorrento has not begun to make money on these pipelines. Due to a lack of submission, approvals, etc. I could care less about their past balance sheets and performance. I’m looking ahead, and see an exceptional CEO whom I’m trusting. MY pt is over $100 by next September. Could change. Who knows? NVAX did well. Different company. But an example to look into. I’m 100% comfortable and confident.