@RicoElite I could only post this as a comment, so it's not directed at you specifically (though I do appreciate your analysis on the technicals). I wonder what it is that make ST decide to feature this post? The number of comments on it? It's just somewhat strange that mid-morning on a Friday it pops up - first time in a while I've seen it. My uninformed two cents on it - Ford did have quite the run up and I'm still expecting a pullback to the 15-17 range, maybe more. But, to have such a tepid market reaction to some fairly bullish bits of news is quite strange to me. Add on top of that today's price action is practically identical to last Friday's in terms of pinning to 19.50. It doesn't seem to me that this is natural price action. Meanwhile, you have RIVN and LCID putting their projections out for the future and running up 20-50%. Not saying F can do that because of market cap, etc, etc, but it's like the market isn't pricing EV adoption into the stock in any meaningful way.
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