$SNDL shorts and puts have been the major influential to dilute your share value. NOT THE $1B mixed shell offering news. Those heartless individuals sent out numerous market threats to convince you selling and selling at your positions. When you sold your stocks, you put a big smile on that face, because it is another "kachin to the bankroll". Let explain to you about SNDL mixed shell offering. 1) It has a period of 3 years interval. 2) It only dilute shares of small chunk, likely per quarter per stock peaks. 3) The received funds are reinvested into projects to protect shareholder values and company equity. 4) SNDL now has 1.5B outstanding shares, market cap $2.7B on $1.80 market value. The truth about offering/dilution is about 5.2 % dilution coefficient per 3 months on average. Please be confident on your positions, do not listen to those heartless bashers.