Yeah because getting a major in history or English literature will set you up for a very lucrative career 🤦🏼‍♂️ $STUDY
Thiel: I think one of the, one of the great lies that we tell in our society is about stem, science, technology, engineering, math, uh, because, um, there are in fact no jobs in most of these stem fields. The, you know, the, the only two stem fields I think work or computer science and maybe petroleum engineering at this point because so few people go into them because reasons that we don’t have to go into, but, uh, but every other field does not work. If you get a phd in physics or in chemistry, there’s no well paying job for you at the end. Same is true of, you know, biology, things like this. I’ve often, I’ve often commented that I think the, uh, uh, you’re better off as an undergraduate majoring in the humanities than in the sciences because in the humanities at least, you know, there will be no job for you at the end
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