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      Bret Jensen
      The Biotech Forum on is founded & managed by Bret Jensen. Editor of several subscription-based investment services including the Biotech Gems, Blue Chip Gems and Small Cap Gems on Investor's Alley. Also Contributor for RealMoneyPro.
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      Timothy Sykes
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      #WelcomeToAnarchy99 #PlayThePeople #TripleCommas #Mushin #YouCantLiveInFear stocks, long short and momentum, options
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      Something Feldman
      MD, Executive in a large medical corporation. Own a small private practice (All doctors should treat patients ALWAYS!) Married to a hi-tech entrepreneur (Retired:) Using our skill and knowledge to invest long term.
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      Targeted Trades
      Swing trade alerts focused on quality set-ups from our proprietary algorithm, a true trading system, easy to follow.
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      chris lau Official Account
      Investor and researcher on stocks likely to generate positive returns.
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      Alpha Hunter
      Posts are NOT investment advices or stock recommendations. I may or may not have positions in the stock thats mentioned and not mentioned. #macro #probability #cycles #sentiment #behavioraleconomics
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      zQuant Official Account
      Day/swing trading strategy combines 28 algorithms and targets 300% in annual return. Algo returned 242% in 10 months. Sign-up for our daily trades at Please follow us that we can communicate via PMs.
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      marz bonfire
      Trader. Digital nomad. Fashionomist
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      Kenny Glick Official Account
      The truth is an illusion just like the stock market. It's not real unless you make it real. All you peasants and serfs looking for the holy grail will walk over a cliff to your death as you follow the sheep in front of you. Good luck.
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      finbox Official Account
      Your second opinion on fair value. Sign up for free at
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      God has given me the gift of "google search". That is where I learn most of my stuff. And books. And you tube. Posts are not advice, just information for the sake of conversation.
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      Chad Curtis
      18+ Year Veteran Entrepreneur & Investor Specializing in Day Trading, Swing Trading & Short Term Trading Stocks Under $20. I Coach, Teach, & Mentor Traders! Information Only - Not Investment Advice.
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      Chris Robbins
      90% of my assets have been in a managed brokerage (high risk tolerance) from 2009 to present. I began day trading w/ "play" money (~ $500k) & doing well so far. Still learning, and probably always will be.
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      Philip Cardwell
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      55 years on street retired running own money now and having fun .No promotion no hidden agenda just straight talk from a retired pro enjoying my platinum years .only purpose is to help your decision making .
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      I'm interested in capital growth from non-random events. Taking long term positions ignoring, if not taking advantage of, any short term irrational trends by finding catalysts in fundamentals, sentiment, macros, technicals, and value propositions.
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      Mark Holder Official Account
      Stone Fox Capital Advisors
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      Retired Food Service Mgr now full timeTrader taking control of my Financial Destiny. Trading 20 years plus Always do your DD and have Fun. And Always Patience, Discipline, Structure and Dedication. Nothing posted is Meant to be Investment Advice
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      Mike Pendergraft
      Came over from the forex market after 3 years of trading there looking to see what i can do in stocks as well, so far Ive had a rather great experience.